Migraines and Botox®

We understand those with Chronic Migraines are in pain on a regular basis. Dr. Skees is certified in the therapeutic treatment of Migraines with Botox. 

The Process for Treatment:

  • Dr Skees will diagnose and isolate the trigger points for each patient individually
  • She then uses a very small needle (that you can barely feel) to place the appropriate amount of botox in those points
  • She will do a 2 week post-op to check-in on treatment and adjust as necessary
  • To continue with these results, treatment will need to be completed 4 times/year

Botox can prevent headaches and Migraines instead of treating them after the pain has begun. This has helped over 100,000 people since the FDA approval in 2010 and Dr. Skees has directly seen the results in her patient pool, as well as herself.  

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